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  • ADMIN Gold – Full Back Office System – Optional Widgets additional annual cost
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  • Organization Website Official National Site Listing
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  • Organization Store – Receive 20% of Sales
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    Allows you to manage and run your league and tournament easily! ADMIN Gold is a back office engine that easily setup your event, process your teams / schedules and then communicates emails and shares information instantly to websites without a webmaster! Coaches or Admin submit scores and standings are automatically updated. Powerful communication center linked to data so you can send email to specific group of people, e.g., overdue payments, out standing rosters and scores, etc. This system truly is as “AUTO PILOT” as you can get! AABC HIGHLY RECOMMENDS all leagues and tournament to use this system – not only will it make your life easier, but it will also showcase your AABC events on the Official National Site.

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    FREE Online Store - 20% goes back to organization! FREE TEAM STORE – RAISE $$$s
    • Team Store – Sell Uniforms, Spirit Wear, Others – Use as fundraiser with 20% sales going back to team
    SAMPLE TEAM STORE For Setup or More Info – Contact: / 800-394-4930
    •  This software literally saved us!!! Seriously…  42 fields and 31 were rained out. Couple of button pushes and all were rescheduled and everyone notified. Couldn’t believe how easy.–Director of Large Tournament

    • In the past Scores & Standings were a nightmare – scores coming in as text, calls, email or not at all. Calculating standings – crazy making! Now my coaches put it in and it instantly updates the standings with runs allowed/against. I can ping those late and can easily update as well. Thanks for help stopping the craziness! –Coach

    • The roster has always been a PAIN. Now its EASY! I can make players active or inactive on the public website, and print outs – I can even EXPORT my roster and contacts!…–Coach

    • Game location was moved while we were on the road – The one touch communication got everyone to the game on time!!!–Coach

    • I was at a game, player forgot his jersey and was able to change his number through my iPad – Updated instantly!–Coach

    • One of our Players got injured and I was able to pull up his emergency contact and medical info right from my phone…–Coach

    • We manage multiple teams from one Dugout. It’s real time and updates our website schedule, record and rosters. No more hassle!–Coach

    • I added to my contact list of all D1 coaches and even friends and family. Better than a phone book. Great to notify anybody at a touch of a button.–Coach

    • Finally, one team schedule that shows all events! Team schedule has our at large events and any USA Premier Sports organization automatically shows in our website and Coaches Dugout.  One schedule gives better ability to manage potential conflicts and plan better.–Coach

    • I’m not a computer guy, but this has been good. All our coaches have access and we are now texting all the kids and keeping everyone updated.!–Coach

    • Widget Plug-ins to my existing site gave me the power of real time Team Schedule, Roster and Records updates without having to change technology investment.–Coach

    • Didn’t know about iScore. I like it a lot and its cheaper than GameChanger. Made score keeping easier and the games come alive for those not able to come. Can pull up later and stats too!–Coach