Jersey Number:1
Graduation Year:2018
Birthday:May 1, 2001
Age:23 (as of May 1, 2024)
Positions:Catcher / 1B/3B
Height / Weight:6' 0" / 180
Bats / Throws:Right / Right
School:ML King HS

I was born on June 18, 2000 to Kevin and Afiora Ho in Riverside, Ca. I live at home with both my parents and younger sister, Alyssa, who is also a straight A student. I am half Tongan, half Vietnamese and I am the first generation of my family to be born in the United States. My mother attended Cal State San Bernardino and my father attended Cal Poly Pomona.

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Contact Info:
Please contact School Team Coach for player contact information.

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School Team:
ML King High School
Travel Team:
Colton Nighthawks Montano

Sports and Awards:

Academic Awards:
National Honor Society; 4.1 GPA
HS Sports:
Varsity Baseball 3 year starter
Varsity Letters:
3 years Baseball
Athletic Awards:
Scholar Athlete Honorable Mention All Team
Team Awards:
Honorable Mention All League Team

Education and More:

Career Goals:
Sports Medicine


Fun FactsHobbiesFavorite DrillFavorite Saying
Chess Champion since in kidergarten; Won Citrus Hill HS Chess Tournament as an 8th graderchess and golfHitting"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work "

Person I Most AdmireMemorable Baseball ExperienceFunniest Baseball ExperienceSummer Plans
Bruce Lee because I admire his philosophy in life: "Be strong like water!"
Won Triple Crown World Series in New York City and the Family vacation to NYC, Washington DC, Boston all during the same 2 weeks!
Bus rides with my Baseball Brothers!
Colton Nighthawks Mickie Mantle World Series in Waterbury, Connecticut